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2021 Schedule

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April 10, 2021 Schedule 

All scheduled times below are in central time (CT).

10:00 am

5-Barrel LN2 Explosion

Welcome + 5-Barrel LN2 Explosion

We kick off the event with the history of the festival, then jump right in to one of our famous 5-barrel depth charge explosions and welcome everyone. Be sure not to miss it!

10:15 am

Flaming Methane Bubbles

Demo Show: Part I

Demonstrations include: Big Cloud, Crushing Drum, Balloon Animals, Floating Head & Flying Mirror, Rubens’ Tube (Dancing Fire), Magnetic Brake, Phone Book Friction, Levitating Ball, TP, & Earth/Moon, Floating Bowling Balls, Liquid Sand, Foucault Pendulum, Lire Tower, Potato Physics (Straws + Knife), Skyhook, and Methane Bubbles.

11:00 am

Dr. Nancy J. Currie-Gregg

Astronaut Talk + Live Q&A

Public lecture “A Glimpse Into Human Spaceflight ” presented by Dr. Nancy Currie-Gregg, NASA astronaut and Professor of Engineering Practice at Texas A&M University.

12:00 Pm

Superconductor being placed by hand onto a magnetic field.

Demo Show: Part II

Demonstrations include: Electromagnetic Bike, Infrared Imaging, Angular Momentum (How do figure skaters spin so fast?), Freezing Flowers & Racquetballs, Super Cool Superconductors, and Single Barrel Depth Charge.

12:30 Pm

The Big Bang Theory Talk + Live Q&A

The Big Bang Theory Talk + Live Q&A

Public lecture “How did Amy and Sheldon win their Nobel Prize?” presented by Dr. David Saltzberg, science consultant on the CBS hit comedy TV shows The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon and Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UCLA.

1:30 Pm

Tesla coil emitting a strong electrical current into the cieling.

Demo Show: Part III

Demonstrations include: Magic Bubbles, Egg Drop, Jacob’s Ladder, Galilean Cannon, Expanding Shaving Cream, Schlieren Optics, Square-Wheeled Tricycle, Lenz’ Law Race (With Rings & Rods), Magnetic Oxygen, Marshmallow In a Bell Jar, Tesla Coil, and Five-Barrel Depth Charge Finale.

2:00 Pm

Room meeting graphic showing the several people discussing a topic.

Interact With Scientists & More Demos

From 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. central time (CT) concurrently, participants are encouraged to move from room-to-room to explore and ask scientists questions! See below for details

Interact With Scientists & More Demos


The rooms below are tentative. Zoom links will be posted at 1:00pm on Saturday, April 10, with the Zooms activating at 2:00pm.  Don’t miss a minute!  Make your entry into the Zooms quicker and easier by creating your personal Zoom account before 2:00pm!

Please read and understand the Festival Disclaimer before joining rooms below.

Texas A&M University does not assume any supervisory responsibility for minors attending the Festival.

By attending the Texas A&M University Physics & Engineering Festival, you do hereby grant Texas A&M University (TAMU) the right to create and/or utilize photographs or digital, video or audio recordings of yourself and/or your property and to use these for any educational, promotional, news or research materials and/or publications. Please refer to the full photography consent declaration for more information.

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