Hands On Science

Just a few examples of the interactive and hands-on science experiments presented at the Physics Festival!

jacob's ladder demonstration

Jacob’s Ladder: High-voltage sparks are climbing the sabres of the Aggie Corps of Cadets

gravity well demonstration

Gravity Well: Take a penny and see how stars and black holes deform space and attract other masses

observing sun spots

Astronomy in the daytime? Absolutely! We will watch sun spots if weather permits.

car race demonstration

Car Race: Will the car on the shortest track be first at the finish line?

magic bubbles demonstration

Magic Bubbles: Watch the marvelous motion of soap bubbles in a container with dry ice.

low temeprature liquid demonstration

Low Temperatures: Have you ever seen air as a liquid or a solid?


Hovercraft: An old tube, an old lawnmower, and a broken chair make up one of our favorite demos!

superconductivity demonstration

Superconductivity: No tricks! The superconductor will hover forever if it stays cold.

liquid nitrogen demonstration

Liquid nitrogen: Can you shatter a flower?

musical rods demonstration

Musical Rods: Awesome sounds or awful noises?

electric generator demonstration

Electric Generator: See how much power it actually takes to light a bulb!

square=wheeled bicycle demonstration

Square-wheeled bike: How does it ride smoothly?

depth charge demonstration

Depth Charge: Exploring phase transitions with liquid nitrogen.

persistence of vision demonstration

Persistence of Vision: Generate cool pictures by riding a bike.

van de graaff generator

Van de Graaff Generator: Stylish hairdos with static electricity.

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