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2022 Festival ZOOM Rooms

Join the Festival on the morning of Saturday, April 2! Zooms will activate just before 12:00 PM. We encourage all participants to jump from room-to-room and ask questions! Make your entry into the Zooms easier by creating your personal Zoom account early! Please install ZOOM if you don’t have it already. Not all devices are compatible with these technologies, so try to plan ahead.

Please read and understand the full Virtual Festival Terms of Use.

The Zoom sessions are over!

Please come back next year.

Texas A&M University does not assume any supervisory responsibility for minors attending the Festival.

By attending the Texas A&M University Physics & Engineering Festival, you do hereby grant Texas A&M University (TAMU) the right to create and/or utilize photographs or digital, video or audio recordings of yourself and/or your property and to use these for any educational, promotional, news or research materials and/or publications. Please refer to the full photography consent declaration for more information.

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