Bubble Show by Keith Johnson

Saturday 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm

Mitchell Physics Lecture Halls 203-205 (2nd Floor)

Bubbleology explores the secret world of bubbles with state of the art soap bubble sculptures—some bigger than bathtubs, others are fog-filled spinning geometric shapes!

Bubbleology also celebrates science, art and the ability they have to challenge what we believe is true or even possible. Discover how bubbles work (science), what bubbles can do (art) and how to continue the experiments on your own at home (fun). Keith Johnson has wrangled bubbles for National Geographic TV, the Discovery Channel, commercials, print ads, movies and audiences across America.

He is hilarious, smart, occasionally irreverent and totally sincere. His enthusiasm is infectious. His lessons are sticky. His performances spark amazing conversations.

Check out Keith Johnson’s bubbleology website

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