“We are the 4%!”

About the Lecture

Having mapped this world now in great detail, so too are we mapping other worlds in this solar system, now known to be one of many we are discovering in our galaxy of hundreds of billions of stars, also just one of hundreds of billions in a universe filled with galaxies.

As mind boggling as all this is, the story of the last decade is that we have mapped it in large measure and can present it to you!

Join Carter Emmart, director of astrovisualization for the American Museum of Natural History, as he demonstrates their Digital Universe 3D Atlas, and shows clips from their recent production, Dark Universe which demonstrates how we now know much more than meets our eyes and instruments. Astronomers have now measured the effects of both Dark Matter and Dark Energy which indicate how all we seem to observe is just about four percent of the totality of the known universe!

Carter Emmart

Carter Emmart

Designer at American Museum of Natural History