Directions and Parking

Bus Parking

To drop off students before parking the buses —
  • From University Drive, turn south on Ireland Street
  • Continue past the parking garage and New Street, then pull to the right side to allow students to exit the buses. Students should carefully cross to the east side of Ireland Street, where they can walk back toward University Drive to the festival. They festival will be in and around the buildings at the corner of University Drive and Ireland Street.
  • After dropping off the students, travel to the end of Ireland Street to take a right on Ross Street.
  • Take a right on Asbury Street.
  • Take a right on University Drive.
  • Turn right on Texas Avenue.
  • Turn right on New Main. Park along the side of New Main.

Passenger Vehicle Parking

Standard passenger vehicles may park in the following on-campus locations.
  • Northside Garage (across the street)
  • Lots 50 and 51 (about 10 minutes to walk)
  • Central Campus Garage (about a 5-10 minute walk)
  • University Center Garage (about a 10-15 minute walk)

Additional parking is available in the spaces indicated at the lot near University Drive and South College Avenue.

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