“Peeking into Nature’s Garden of Light”

About the lecture

We add a bit to celebrating the International Year of Light by visiting, in the spirit of Alice Through the Looking Glass, a medley of startling optical phenomena, ranging from bioluminescent bacteria, birds, flowers, rainbows, meteors, and even cosmic messengers from the Big Bang.

About Dudley Herschbach

Meet Dr. Dudley R. Herschbach, a 1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner and a former guest star on The Simpsons! His group’s research helped to create a new field of chemistry called reaction dynamics and improved chemists’ understanding of the process of chemical reactions. Throughout his career, Dr. Herschbach has been a strong advocate of improved science education for the public. He has regularly presented public lectures and participated in a program that brings Nobel laureates to visit public schools, sharing his genuine enthusiasm for science and discovery.

Dudley Herschbach

Dr. Dudley Herschbach
Distinguished Professor of Physics