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“The Last Stargazers: True Stories and Adventures of Astronomy”

Saturday, April 1 @ 3:30 PM

Have you ever gazed at the night sky and pondered what’s out there? Have you wondered if the universe has an end, what’s inside a black hole, or if aliens are peering back at us from a nearby planet?

Would you brave blizzards, gunfire, earthquakes, and explosions to find out?

About Emily Levesque

Join award-winning astrophysicist Emily Levesque, author of the critically-acclaimed book The Last Stargazers, for this thrilling behind-the-scenes tour through a scientific world that’s less white lab coat and more Indiana Jones. Astronomers adventure across the world’s highest mountains and to the literal ends of the Earth in the hopes of answering some of humanity’s oldest questions: “Who are we?” “Where did we come from?” “Are we alone?” Along the way, they grapple with everything from erupting volcanoes to marauding squirrels, facing a rapidly-changing night sky and a technological renaissance that’s changing the very nature of how we study the stars. From a breathtaking flight through the Antarctic stratosphere to tall tales of wild bears loose in the observatory, this hour of storytelling and science will take you on a sweeping exploration of today’s most exciting astronomical discoveries and introduce you to the people who make them possible.

Emily Levesque headshot in color
Dr. Emily Levesque

Associate Professor of Astronomy,
University of Washington

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