Eric Berger // Public Lecture

Adrift: Does America have a future in space?

Friday 7:00 pm :: Mitchell Institute Hawking Auditorium

Over the course of 2014 science writer Eric Berger looked at NASA’s building of a big new rocket, the collapse of the Constellation program, Congressional infighting for funds, shifting priorities of successive White House administrations, the promise of private space companies and, ultimately, the fate of Houston as Space City. This is what he found.

About Eric Berger

Eric Berger is the science writer for the Houston Chronicle. For his coverage of Hurricane Ike the Chronicle was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2009. He would like to see humans on Mars in his lifetime.

Berger spent his college years at the University of Texas dreaming about the stars, which led him to an astronomy degree. But he decided studying a particular classification of stars in depth for the rest of his life seemed a little dull, and preferred meeting interesting people to the solitude of observatories. He dove into journalism, hoping to explain the complexities of science and medicine to the general public. Hoping to interact with readers, he began the SciGuy blog in early 2005, encompassing everything from nanometers to parsecs.

Eric Berger

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