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“Human Space Exploration for Everyone”

Saturday, April 13 @ 11:30 AM CT

Former Astronaut and Texas A&M Professor Greg Chamitoff will take you a personal and virtual journey in Space by sharing by sharing stories from his own missions, as well as through new technology using virtual reality to design, plan and experience entire human space missions on planet Earth. This technology is being developed at Texas A&M, and is being use by NASA and commercial companies to develop and test mission concepts before actually building and flying the mission. Based on this technology, a new STEM program called Space Teams Academy enables students to learn, collaborate, design and experience their own space missions. Dr. Chamitoff will talk about engineering and science on the high frontier, and some of the current advancements envisioned for both mission design and actual mission operations.

About Greg Chamitoff

Gregory ChamitoffOriginally from Montreal, Canada, Dr. Gregory Chamitoff served as a NASA Astronaut for over 25 years, including Shuttle Missions STS-124,126,134 and Space Station long duration missions Expedition 17 and 18. He has lived and worked in Space for almost 200 days as a Flight Engineer, Science Officer, and Mission Specialist. His last mission was on the final flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour, during which he performed two spacewalks, including the last one of the Shuttle era, which also completed the assembly of the International Space Station. Chamitoff is the William Keeler ‘49 Chair Professor of Practice in Aerospace Engineering, and Director of the Aero-Space Technology Research & Operations (ASTRO) Laboratory at Texas A&M University. He is co-author and co-editor of Human Spaceflight Operations, a textbook on the lessons learned from the past 60 years of spaceflight. His research includes space robotics, autonomous systems, and the development of collaborative virtual simulation environments for space system engineering and mission design.
Dr. Gregory E. Chamitoff headshot

Dr. Gregory E. Chamitoff

NASA astronaut for over 25 years
Professor of Engineering Practice, Texas A&M University

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